BIG Data Development


We are experts at business analytics for deploying and managing business intelligence and big data analytics solutions leveraging the full benefits of current analytics technology, DataOps practices and cloud-enabled platforms.

BI Platform

BI platform to streamline data from internal & external sources to uncover and decipher patterns, relationships, trends and anomalies.

BI Reporting & Data Visualization

Organize and display data in easy-to-read charts, plots, graphs and intuitive maps for geographic intelligence making it easier for users to develop insights.

Self-Service & Collaborative BI

Empower users to generate their own reports, run their own queries, conduct their own analyses, share insights and collaborate with others.

Big Data Platform

High performance big data platform to streamline ingestion and processing of big data for machine learning, advanced analytics and building intelligent apps & services.

Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics

Employ machine learning to build and deploy predictive models as analytics solutions for intelligent apps and insights.

Enterprise Data Management Platform

EDM platform to integrate, cleanse, remediate and master data for more mature downstream BI and Analytics.


We provide Business Analytics for enterprises to leverage business intelligence and big data analytics – platform design, development & implementation and DataOps services for operations management and support.

Business Intelligence

BI platform implementation to support reporting & visualization with portals and interactive dashboards, and collaborative self-service solutions.

Big Data Analytics

Big data platform implementation to support big data ingestion, storage, processing, intelligent analytics (including predictive), for business intelligence, intelligent apps, and automated systems.

Enterprise Data Management

EDM platform implementation to support mature data management practices including data architecture, integration, modeling, quality, remediation, master data management, warehousing and governance.

DataOps Services

DataOps for BI, big data, enterprise data management and database platforms – administration, release management, configuration management, corrective and adaptive management, maintenance & support.


We can build Business Analytics solutions with a host of technologies, you choose your preferred technologies or let us select the best-fit technology based on your business needs.

Azure Cortana

Apache Big Data

Power BI


Logi Analytics