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Software Development

Inforcea provides software development services for enterprises and technology providers, and often in the process, enables transformation by adopting modern Agile and DevOps practices for continuous software delivery. In partnering with customers we leverage appropriate shared responsibility models that best fit the objectives of the their software delivery organization and time-to-market requirements.



Software Ideation to MVP

Concept to ideation, design, and development of minimum viable software with cohesive agile or DevOps teams.

  • Requirements Backlog Development & Refinement
  • Software Architecture & Design
  • User Experience & Interface Design & Development
  • Continuous Development, Testing & Integration
  • Toolchain Implementation
  • Test Automation Development
Software DevOps & Maintenance

Extend or provide end-to-end DevOps or maintenance services, for ongoing software delivery.

  • Planning, Feedback & Improvement
  • Continuous Development & Integration
  • Continuous Testing & Test Automation Development
  • Deployment Automation & Orchestration
  • Application & Infrastructure Monitoring & Support
Software Modernization & Transformation

Modernize software to new infrastructure, platform, architecture or purpose that enable new business value.

  • Discovery & Assessment
  • Business Rules Mining
  • Cloud Rehosting
  • Re-platforming
  • Remediation
  • Rewrite & Transformation

Agile & DevOps Practices

We leverage Traditional Agile and DevOps (Extended Agile) practices to help software delivery organizations support and amplify agility, responsiveness and faster time to market – key requirements for digital business transformation. We leverage Traditional Agile practices combined with continuous integration (CI) on software development projects.

For organizations looking to address continuous software delivery challenges, i.e. the strained downstream QA and Ops teams, we implement DevOps practices to extend agile practices by including infrastructure as code, configuration management, monitoring and metrics schemes, a toolchain approach, virtualization, containerization and cloud computing to leverage modern infrastructure.

  • “Traditional” Agile Development
  • Continuous Development
  • Environment & Infrastructure Management
  • Code Inspection & Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Testing & Automation
  • Deployment Automation & Orchestration
  • Application & Infrastructure Monitoring, Metrics & Insights
  • Planning, Feedback & Improvement


We help enterprises, technology providers and innovative startups build modern software applications leveraging the full benefits of modern architectures, development platforms, continuous delivery practices and cloud-enabled deployment platforms.

  • SaaS Solutions
  • Mobile Apps
  • XaaS Solutions
  • Online Platforms
  • Software Products
  • Custom Business Software
  • Intelligent Apps
  • IoT Applications

Technology Expertise

Our teams bring strong technology expertise, insights and knowledge to the platform of choice, in addition to valuable experience across software architecture, solution and industry domain.







Azure PaaS


Ruby on Rail


Why Work With Us

With Inforcea Systems for Software Development you can:

  • Get  Experienced Software Development Resources to develop right Software/Products
  • Increase Success with Best Practices for Achieving Software Delivery
  • Deliver High Quality User Experience with Robust Software Solutions