Powerful ChatBot simplifies user tasks

New age AI messaging bots are creating a different way to work. They are the need of time, which not only allow you to perform simple task numerous times, but are also comparatively lot easy to install. Another reason is that the final output of Bot development process, has better retention in compared to apps. The core essence lies in its swiftness, sturdiness, and reliability.

Benefits of using chat bot development
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  • Fully dedicated resources for you providing unmatched control and transparency during operation phase
  • Can be scaled quickly allowing you to be the change instead of being be a part of it
  • They offer easy to use interface and can be encoded to perform automated actions
  • Chat Bots are comparatively less expensive and easy to build but with higher adoption rate
  • Chat bots are more human and can also be programmed to serve in different languages
  • Uncompromised privacy standards Automated transactions and workflows
  • It improvises mobile marketing efforts and eventually yields better results for you
  • They offer personalized interaction which eventually increases customer retention and loyalty
  • Friendly and realistic language makes you interact efficiently with your users
Built-in for Industries
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Bot looks after rest details while you concentrate on expansion

  • Chat Bots manage supply chains easily and can also generate purchase orders
  • It not only Notifies when shipment arrives but also delivers real time inventory reports
  • Chat bots are made to assist, and if you ask them, they can initiate production of certain goods

Keep a command on market fluctuations while Bot handles the rest

  • Can assist your visitors by human-like conversation that gives them a personalized touch.
  • Chat Bots can share information with users regarding price, shipment details, products, and more
  • They can also be developed to provide relevant links to users for finishing transactions successfully

Stay assured about your patients, Bot can look after details

  • They can play your medical assistant’s role by scheduling medical appointments when you are busy
  • Chat Bots can renew patient’s prescription and can also handle the discharge related formalities
  • They can also order medical equipment if asked to and can also share automated answers to queries related to health

Bot can analyze, scrutinize, and that everything which can save your time

  • Chat Bots can very well assist you in marketing you products and services to your target audience.
  • Notify and remind customers about new offers by identifying and grouping them based on the preferences.
  • The grouped customers can also be sent personalized messages in order to make sure they keep visiting your store.

Enhance your and customer’s banking experience with Bot

  • Chat Bots allow your customers to check available balance in their account and to further perform transactions.
  • Customers can review statements of their credit card and set Auto payments and push reminders as per wish.
  • You can upsell wealth management and savings plans by the time your Chat Bot auto flags suspicious activities.

With Bot joining your company, tasks can be both swift and perfectly executed

  • Task specific bots can ease the management of your company as you can send the data through multiple channels
  • Can deliver virtual assistance for anything and everything you wish to program it for.
  • They can assist you with not only customer service but further ease work by delivering real time reports.
Use Cases
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Lead Generation From Websites

Generating leads from web traffic is a big hassle. With AI winning against human marketing, ChatBot will support the lead nurturing process with gamified conversations, offers and additional information until customers are driven to share their information willingly. The leads will be shared in real time with your team.

Give 24*7 Chat Support

It is hard to guarantee live chat support to your visitors with a support executive round the clock. But here, a live chatbot beats untimely human interaction by offering support 24 hours a day for 365 days a year prioritizing customer service over everything. An added advantage is It’s human-like behaviour and instant responses that connect with the human.

Interactive Landing Pages

Countless clicks get wasted in the PPC campaigns every minute due to landing pages being static. Instead, engage your customers further with interactive landing pages through chatbots to see growth up to 2x immediately.

Conduct Conversational Surveys

Chatbot is the new way to survey and the only way. Conduct surveys by driving conversational interactions with customers via providing a better experience and significantly recording higher response rates. It also helps free up the customer service team from complex cases saving their time and effort.

Automate Your Enquiries

Smart, cognitive chatbot platform provide a quick interface to resolve all customer queries in real-time. As it gets accustomed to customer’s questions, it can gradually increase its capacity to answer more complex queries.

Schedule Appointments In Minutes

A customized SmatBot can schedule and reschedule appointments with customers when they are strapped for time. The simplicity and convenience of typing in your appointment request to get a confirmation within seconds is unmatched. The customer needs not wait for long durations on hold and can instead be relieved by the SmatBot’s efficiency.

Gather Suggestions From Customers

When customers are the protagonists of a business, who better to suggest areas of scope than them? Knowing what your customers want is key to enriching the business and the bot can gather the information and pass it on for analysis.

Collect Feedback And Reviews

Customer feedback analysis will throw light on underperforming areas. Smatbot will get feedback and reviews from customers on the services and products in different formats. Use this to finetune your business to increase revenues and maximize ROI.

How I Work
I am a simple chatbot. I have preset templates that you can edit out to your requirements.
You can include custom fonts, colors, GIFs, images and even embed youtube videos.
  • 01. SETUP
    Teach Me The Basics & Watch Me Drive Business Results!
    Gather data with proven templates or create your own flow of questions in minutes. I’m AI-powered, so feed me with simple data, I’ll eventually learn what responses suit best and converse like a human using Natural Language Processing (NLP).
  • 02. INSTALL
    I Have No Boundaries, Can Go Live From Anywhere
    Just copy paste the JS code generated after setup onto your website/blog/app or you can share the generated link for various usecases like Chat Support , Surveys, Feedback, etc. Isn’t that the simplest installation process ever?
  • 03. PROCESS
    I’m The Workaholic Your Company Needs
    I’ll engage with the visitors in a gamified way and adapt to your requirements and get you the highest response rate possible. I will work round the clock handling hundreds of chats concurrently. Don’t I beat your customer support executive to this?
  • 04. ACCESS
    I Can Enable Real-Time Notifications For Your Responses
    On submission of visitor responses, they will be sent to an Email address of your choice or the sales team in real-time. The responses can automatically be imported to Google Sheets or to your CRM through Zapier Integration or access them directly from the dashboard anytime.
  • 05. ANALYZE
    You Can Analyze My Performance
    I will give you a detailed report of my conversation with your customers/visitors. This will help in analyzing them to change the flow of conversations if required. Convert more visitors into potential leads while seeing which features of the bot are gaining most traction.